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Vegas Court Approves $800 Million Settlement For Victims

It was three years ago that Attorney Catherine Lombardo took the extraordinary steps to launch the civil lawsuits against, and investigations into, the October 1, 2017 Mandalay Bay shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. Attorney Lombardo and her team at Lawyers For The Injured considered it an honor, duty and privilege to represent and fight, for all of the victims of America’s deadliest mass shooting.

This week marks the anniversary of the Rout 91 Harvest Festival massacre. It has been 3 years since 58 people were killed and over 800 injured when a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas. After a grueling and traumatic fight for justice the final approval was made on the settlement.

On the eve of the third anniversary of the shooting on Wednesday, a court approved an $800 million settlement for more than 4,400 relatives and victims.

MGM Resorts, owner of the hotel and the concert venue, acknowledged no liability. It will pay $49 million, while its insurance companies will pay $751 million.

“We are grateful that the decision brings families, victims and the community closer to closure,” the company said in a statement. It noted the anniversary of the Oct. 1, 2017, event, calling it “a time of great sadness and reflection.”

Chief Judge Linda Bell’s approval of the settlement “a significant point” toward delivering money to the victims but added that legal steps could mean that payments may not be made until January.

The settlement agreement was first announced last year. MGM Resorts — owner of the festival venue and Mandalay Bay, where the gunman was situated — acknowledged no liability. It will pay $49 million, while the remainder will come from insurance coverage.

Retired Clark County District Judge Jennifer Togliatti and retired California Judge Louis Meisinger are overseeing the allocation of the funds. Together, they have been working to decide how much of the settlement each victim will receive.

As of Wednesday, the judges had sorted through about 75 percent of distribution amounts.

Millions of dollars could go to the most severely and permanently injured, depending on factors including age, number of dependents, type of injuries, previous and future medical treatment, and ability to work.

A minimum $5,000 would go to each person who filed a claim for unseen injuries and did not seek medical attention or therapy.

It is with sadness that this day is marked by the absence of not only those who lost their lives in this tragedy but also, that we at Lawyers for The Injured mark this milestone with the absence of Attorney Lombardo.

Catherine Lombardo fought ferociously and fiercely for all of the victims and for truth and justice. We can say with confidence and gratitude that this day would not have been possible had Attorney Catherine Lombardo not gone toe to toe with MGM as they relentlessly tried to bury the victims and the community with a endless stream of lawsuits and distractions. Thank you, Catherine, and thank you to all of the victims and families we represent for your trust. Today we know that the end is truly in sight.