Las Vegas Shooting

Coverage of the Las Vegas/Route 91 shooting.

Police wait in hallway as Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock fires on crowd below. Tucker Carlson discuss with Catherine Lombardo of Lawyers For The Injured, an attorney representing some of the victims.
Catherine Lombardo, of Lawyers For The Injured, discusses Las Vegas shooting with Carol Costello on HLN. After two months, victims are still "in the dark".
Never before seen video taken night of Las Vegas shooting discussed with Catherine Lombardo, interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News.
Congressman asserts Route 91 Shooting was an ISIS nexus on Tucker Carlson.
Interview with Catherine Lombardo on Tucker Carlson. FBI asserts 1-year time-frame on investigation.
On Tucker Carlson, Catherine Lombardo discusses how MGM staff helps Stephen Paddock to his room with 21 bags of guns, without asking any questions.
New developments in the Las Vegas Route 91 investigation. Catherine Lombardo discusses with Tucker Carlson. Lawyers face more obstacles in the search for the truth.
Tucker Carlson and Attorney Catherine Lombardo discuss the Las Vegas shooting.

Children's Dental Group

Coverage of lawsuits filed against
Children's Dental Group in Anaheim, CA.

Accusations of medical malpractice are filed against Children's Dental Group of Anaheim.
Lawyers come together against Children's Dental Group in Anaheim.
Orange County officials set to reopen the Children's Dental Group while dozens of medical malpractice cases are pending.
Young boy received titanium jaw and loses hearing from a procedure at Children's Dental Group.
Parents see videos of procedures on their children at Children's Dental Group of Anaheim.