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COVID-19 and Your Rights

The number of nursing home residents who have succumbed to the novel coronavirus in the United States has surpassed 10,000, a new survey of state data compiled by ABC News has found.

Earlier this week, the leaders at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid announced they would begin requiring nursing care facilities to report cases of COVID-19 directly to health officials there and at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So far, neither agency has released comprehensive national data on nursing home cases or fatalities during the outbreak.

In 2019, the CDC was alerting the care industry in the nursing home fields about the dangers and the need for stringent care and management to prevent a handful of cases from becoming a trending nightmare of mass casualty.

Taking heed to the guidelines laid out by the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) would prevent many from unnecessary risks related to exposure. Sadly, in too many cases these extra precautions were simply ignored.

A Washington state nursing home tied to 40 covid-19 deaths faces a fine of more than $611,000, federal inspectors said, and could also lose Medicare and Medicaid funding if it does not correct a slew of deficiencies that led to the country’s first major outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

While certainly appropriate, those fines will not replace the lives of loved ones who perished as a result of negligence and the willful defiance of CDC, State and Government guidelines to protect those most vulnerable to exposure.

Some nursing care facilities operate from a baseline of greed and exploitation to this sometimes “invisible” part of our society, deeming them throwaways, not worth protecting as they collect money for essentially warehousing our seniors without providing care that was contractually agreed to.

This egregious practice of "cashing the checks" without providing the care and protection is not new and for countless care facilities where it is a revolving door of fines, warnings and more fines. At the end of the day they weigh the fines against operating cost and profits and continue operating under an "acceptable loss ratio". This business model gambles with your loved ones, playing Russian Roulette with innocent and vulnerable lives.

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