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COVID-19 in Claremont

As the Corona virus seems to be abating in some areas it has increased in Claremont. On June 4 in Claremont recorded it's first Covid related death at a care facility.

In addition, Claremont now has an institutional outbreak involving 15 residents and five employees of Country Villa Claremont Healthcare Center who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Claremont’s first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus was reported on March 23. By April 1 cases had increased to 3, and two weeks ago on May 22 the total was 33. (source: Claremont Courier)

As of Thursday June 4th the local Claremont cases spiked to 56. We want to know why!

After numerous outbreaks and subsequent deaths why have stringent safety protocols not been implemented and enforced, protecting our most vulnerable from infection? As cases are going down across the state they have increased in Claremont. Our goal and commitment is to provide answers.

Lawyers For The Injured is helping families impacted by Coronavirus related deaths when unnecessarily exposed and put at risk.

Our firm has has learned that thousands of Americans were exposed when simple and easily implemented protocols could have completely prevented exposure to the deadly COVID-19 virus. You may have many questions such as:

  • Who’s responsible?
  • What can be done?
  • Why wasn’t my family protected from COVID-19?

Some example of exposure are:

Senior Care Centers

Many seniors contracted COVID-19 at Senior Care Centers that should’ve been taking precautions to protect their patients.

Holding Centers

Many prisons failed to take protective measures during the pandemic, exposing prison populations to the deadly coronavirus.

Nursing Homes

When nursing homes didn’t act swiftly, its elderly residents under their care were fatally exposed to coronavirus

Let our team of experts and lawyers answer those questions. Lawyers For The Injured has decades of experience fighting and winning for your rights, we have been fighting for our clients and their families for over 25 years.

From the Route 91 Harvest Festival and the CDC Children’s Dental Group cases, to the PG&E negligence death cases, we have the experience resources and success to not only answer your questions but to stand toe to toe with these entities and win.

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one to Covid-19 while in the care of a nursing home or rehab facility you will have questions. We can help. Call now for a free consultation; we are here to answer your questions and fight for your rights.

Lawyers For The Injured is an award-winning law firm with a proven track record, we stand committed to ensuring you and your loved ones receive the support and commitment to have the right thing done on your behalf.