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33 die in Conception commercial charter vessel fire off the coast of Santa Cruz Island, Calif.

Attorney Catherine Lombardo of Lawyers For The injured has launched an independent investigation into the tragedy that occurred on the Conception commercial charter vessel on the morning of September 1, 2019.

Attorney Lombardo was the lead attorney for the Las Vegas Harvest Festival Massacre and was one of the first firms to have feet on the ground and to represent many of the families from the Paradise Butte County fires. Swift action and the resources to act, coupled with decades of experience enable Attorney Lombardo & Lawyers For The Injured to move quickly and efficiently for all of our clients. Our goal is to answer the most painful question so that closure and understanding help individuals, families and communities to heal.

Working with the families and loved ones that perished aboard the Conception has led Attorney Lombardo to launch her own investigation to determine the exact causes of this tragedy. The diving community is a tight-knit family and one loss let alone 33 is felt far and wide. This tragedy is felt by the diving families across the globe. Catherine Lombardo and the team at Lawyers For The Injured are committed to ensuring no other families or communities ever experience this level of catastrophe and loss if it can be prevented.