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CW Door Company Box Truck Kills Two Women in Chino Hills CA

Two women were killed Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at approximately 8:15 am in a multi-car collision involving a large commercial truck belonging to CW Door Company and five other vehicles driving southbound on the 71 Freeway just past the Butterfield Ranch Road exit in Chino Hills, California.

The freeway car accident was possibly caused by the commercial truck. Witnesses reported that the box truck did not apply brakes as traffic slowed, and that there were no tire skid marks indicating braking. Early reports from the California Highway Patrol traffic accident investigators suggest that the truck hit the first vehicle and pushed it out of the way, then crashed into the second vehicle, killing two people inside who have been identified as Jeanine Moncado Rosales and Sonia Moncado, both from Chino, California. Also, a teenager was severely injured and in critical condition. A total of five injured motorists were transported by Ambulance to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center.

The CW Door Company box truck lost control, then crossed lanes, overturned on one of the vehicles, and finally landed on its side after hitting a gold Honda CRV and pinning it against the guard rail. The driver of the CRV was trapped in her car and was extracted by good Samaritans. Seven vehicles were involved in this fatal freeway collision.

Both Moncado Rosales and Moncado were pronounced by the San Bernardino County Coroner as deceased at the scene.

That portion of the 71 Freeway reduces lanes, and it is suspected that the multi-car freeway accident was caused by the slow down in traffic. The southbound lanes were shut down for several hours, and traffic was diverted off the freeway.

Personal Injury attorney Catherine Lombardo heads up Lawyers For the Injured, a Claremont car accident attorney law firm. Attorney Lombardo is investigating this fatal freeway accident and has spoken to victims and witnesses. The Claremont car accident lawyer has represented victims who were injured in car accidents since 1992. “A multi-car collision on the freeway, like this accident, is a cluster of mangled cars, and it takes the traffic accident investigators several weeks to finish their official investigation. They will make an official determination of fault, and how it happened. Since the truck driver was not seriously injured, he should be able to tell the CHP investigators exactly what happened,” said Lombardo.

Thousand of California motorists are killed on the freeways every year. The leading cause of accidents throughout the country is distracted driving, followed by other factors. Distracted driving includes cell phone usage, eating, applying make-up and simply looking at the views. When a motorist has been in a car accident in California, it is imperative to call a personal injury attorney to get immediate advice. The family of a deceased killed in a freeway traffic accident has a claim for wrongful death and should consult with a lawyer for the injured sooner rather than later.

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